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Noha Hashad [Hassid in Hebrew] is born as an Egyptian Muslim to a Muslim family with Jewish–Muslim mixed roots in 1964. 

A nuclear physicist who received her BSc and MSc from Cairo University where she was hired to teach nuclear Physics to the final year undergraduate students from 1988-2011 [both at Cairo and Beni-Suef Universities in Egypt.] 

She also completed Islamic studies [same specialized courses that Sheikhs study at al-Azhar; the most significant Islamic institution in the Middle East] at a school in Saudi Arabia when she traveled with her family where her father worked for an American-Arab oil company in the Saudi Kingdom.


She carried out research on the legitimacy of Israel in the Middle East according to Islamic authentic documents at al-Azhar in Egypt in 1999 and 2005 and brought to Israel many significant documents (stamped by al-Azhar) which confirm Jews' rights to their lands and holy sites. Click here

This research earned her a 6-time tyrannical arrest, harassment and torture at the hands of the Egyptian regime [2002-2010], and 12 years travel ban which led to depriving her the right to join PhD scholarships sent to her from Greece and Russia for more than 10-years.

Egypt has saved no effort to follow Noha in Israel as well to fight and hinder her work for true peace for another 8 years in every possible way including spreading rumors and tendentious lies about her in Egyptian media, accusing her of "working for the Mosad", of being a traitor, etc.  Merely because Hassid dared to speak of a solution which guarantees Jewish/ Israeli rights.


Despite Egypt's peace treaty with Israel and claims of having "warm peace" between them, it has not stopped Egypt from inciting against Israel on daily basis in official media etc. [Results of monitoring Egyptian media will be given soon]

After Mubarak was ousted, Hassid managed to travel from Cairo airport to Jordan where she received her visa to the Holy Land of Israel from the Israeli embassy in Amman.

The Noha Hassid Center for Peace in the Middle East (NHC4PME) was created in Jerusalem with the help of few respected rabbis and university professors experts in Jewish and Islamic religions, Middle East issues, and more.

She coined the mo “peace is a culture, not a treaty”, which is exactly the message she's bringing the world today. It is also the name given to the NHC4PME suggestion for peace in the ME.